Why attend

“Gas is becoming a much more politically sensitive subject. The conference is an excellent way to exchange ideas, exchange them frankly, and contribute to thought leadership”
Antoon Boey, Executive General Manager of Corporate Development , Jemena” @ ADGO 2019

Australia’s domestic gas stakeholders are currently experiencing the most challenging market conditions in their history with a plethora of issues and challenges creating volatile markets.

Global market conditions, driven by the drop in the oil price are putting significant strain on any export linked projects, with the recently completed LNG export projects in QLD under particular pressure. However this is starkly contrasted by rising domestic prices as the increased demand for gas resources (particularly on the east coast) drives prices for domestic users (large and small) up. Large users in particular are struggling with the notable closure of the Remapak, and mothballing of a Dow Chemical facility, which heralds difficult times for Australian manufacturers reliant on gas.

These issues are further exacerbated by wildly varying state based gas policies, ranging from moratoriums to well-regulated production.

ADGO has established itself as the main announcement point for industry announcements from the public and private sectors.

Why you need to be at ADGO 2021

Hear from industry leaders from all aspects of the market to get insights into how they are responding to challenging market conditions
Access expert analysis on all key market drivers to get the best insight into the future of the market
Understand the changing role of gas in the Australian economy as the price moves to a ‘new norm’
Examine new projects, regulatory changes and opportunities for improvement in pipelines and reticulation and their broader market impacts
Get insights into the future regulatory and policy environment from state and federal policy makers
Learn from international experiences and examine how changing global trends will continue to impact domestic markets