Day Two

Welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Keith Orchison
Coolibah Consulting


Keynote Presentation: Realising Australia’s energy superpower status
  • How Australia can consolidate its status as an energy superpower while addressing increasing domestic prices for energy consumers
  • Understand how additional supplies over and above those allocated to the export market can offset declining production from southern states
  • Policy priorities for Australia’s governments

Mick McCormack
Chief Executive Officer
APA Group


A view from both sides of the fence by BHP
  • BHP holds a unique position in the market as both a producer and consumer of energy
  • What are the ingredients of an efficient domestic energy market and what role does industry and the regulatory apparatus have to play?

Sam Bartholomaeus
Head of Sales & Head of Strategy & Planning for Asia Pacific
BHP Australia

Positioning Esso to meet the needs of the Eastern Australia gas market

Esso Australia has been producing gas from Bass Strait for 50 years as operator of the Gippsland Basin Joint Venture (GBJV) with partners, BHP. The gas was discovered in the search for oil, and most of the production was underpinned by the economics of oil.
Today Esso is focused on natural gas and is pursuing multiple ways of seeking to meet Eastern Australia’s gas needs.These involve:

  • Leveraging its vast network of platforms, pipelines, plants and people to tap new gas resources from the GBJV fields
  • Leveraging advances in technology to explore for new resource in its recently acquired acreage in Bass Strait’s deep water
  • Leveraging its project-execution expertise and global LNG supply portfolio to progress plans for a Victorian LNG import terminal

Johanna Boothey
Commercial DIrector
ExxonMobil Australia

Domestic supply for domestic demand
  • Why supplying local markets with local gas is important
  • Insights into the Sole Gas Project – the first new supply project in the region
  • Understanding Cooper’s dual gas hub strategy

David Maxwell
Managing Director
Cooper Energy

Panel: What policy and commercial changes are needed to bring more supply to market?
  • What are the strategic priorities and challenges facing small, medium and large producers today?
  • What is needed to encourage investment to meet short-term supply challenges and increase prospects for getting the cost of gas production down?
  • Which are the key basins that could deliver supply in the short – medium term?

Panel Moderator:

Saul Kavonic
Head of Equities Research, Oil & Gas
Credit Suisse


Sam Bartholomaeus
Head of Sales & Head of Strategy & Planning for Asia Pacific
BHP Australia

Johanna Boothey
Commercial Director
ExxonMobil Australia

David Maxwell
Managing Director
Cooper Energy

Presentation: Infrastructure solutions and innovations to fuel Australia’s energy transition

Hear from the new Jemena managing director on his outlook for a new chapter in Australia’s domestic gas and energy story. We’ll get his take on the prospect of bringing gas from northern Australia, the role of emerging hydrogen technology as well as midstream solutions to create a domestic gas industry that delivers sustained low cost of gas, drives economic growth and paves the way to a decarbonised future.

Frank Tudor
Managing Director

Morning tea


Panel: Importing gas to the east coast - what will be the impact of infrastructure developments?
  • More pipelines or LNG imports - what is the future of gas infrastructure on the east coast?
  • An overview of the four re-gasification terminals being proposed, their likelihood of completion and their market impact 
  • Once completed, what will be the cost of supply from LNG import terminals?
  • How would market dynamics change with one or more import terminals on the east coast?

Panel Moderator:

Keith Orchison
Coolibah Consulting


Phaedra Deckart
General Manager, Energy Supply & Origination
AGL Energy

Mark Samter
Senior Research Analyst
MST Marquee

James Baulderstone
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Industrial Energy

Networking lunch
Presentation: The outlook for the West Coast and East Coast gas markets

AGIG are present in both of Australia’s gas markets. Hear an update on the outlook for the West Coast market which is seeing continued growth in the number of producers and storage facilities.  Understand the contrasts between East & West, and what it means for policy options for the troubled eastern market including reservation measures to increase liquidity and whether a West-East pipeline could make sense.

Ben Wilson
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Gas Infrastructure Group


Gas Policy Focus Session: Gas development restrictions - what will it take to resolve the impasse?
In this discussion on future state policy and responsible gas stewardship, our speakers will review the moratoria and restrictions banning gas development in NSW and Victoria.
Hear a balanced discussion on how environmental concerns, gas security and prices, manufacturing competitiveness, social licence to operate and climate change impact the decision to keep the bans in place and what it would take to overturn them.


Samantha Hepburn
Professor, School of Law
Deakin University

Malcolm Roberts
Chief Executive Officer

Afternoon tea
Panel: Is the Northern Territory a key to south-east gas security?
  • What it will take to unlock the game-changing potential of gas reserves in NT and the outlook for development
  • Understanding the levels of finance and investment that will be necessary to develop infrastructure to connect NT to southern gas markets
  • Can the Northern Territory help solve the east coast gas crisis or will it simply export more of its gas as LNG?

Antoon Boey 
Executive General Manager, Corporate Development

Closing remarks from the chair

Keith Orchison
Coolibah Consulting

End of conference