Day Two

Welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Lisa France 
Former Global Head of Corporate Affairs

Moving forwards with actionable reform 

NSW Ministerial Address

The Hon. Matthew Kean MP
Minister for Energy and Environment
NSW Government (subject to availability)

Overcoming gas affordability issues in the domestic market

Ian Davies
Chief Executive Officer
Senex Energy
Vice Chair

Panel Discussion
How can improved market structure and increased competition help solve current gas market woes?
  • Given the current political climate, what are the realistic opportunities to address supply and demand issues on the east coast?
  • To what extent can regulatory changes designed to improve the market structure address concerns around price and availability of supply?
  • What sort of reforms or policies would drive an increase in supply and more competition amongst suppliers?

Panel Moderator:

Lisa France
Former Global Head of Corporate Affairs


Kai Eberspaecher
Country Manager
Bengal Energy

Johanna Boothey
Commercial Director

James Baulderstone
Project Director Australia
GFG Alliance

Morning tea

Assessing the critical role of infrastructure in enabling an effective market 

The role of gas infrastructure in ensuring an efficient gas market
  • Examining the state of gas infrastructure  in Australia today and future opportunities
  • Creating incentives for gas to move to where it is needed most
  • Using infrastructure as a means to increase supply

Rob Wheals
Chief Executive Officer
APA Group

Unlocking the North and further opportunities for pipelines to help address market issues

Frank Tudor
Chief Executive Officer

Gas infrastructure and market evolution - meeting the needs of customers today and in the future
  • Embracing new opportunities for gas networks as the economy decarbonises
  • Examining the role networks can play in enabling a hydrogen economy
  • What the customer of tomorrow will look like – and planning for that today

Ben Wilson
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Gas Infrastructure Group

Networking lunch
Assessing the role of gas in the future energy mix

Lesley Dowling
Assistant Secretary
Department of Environment and Energy

Panel Discussion

What role can gas play in the energy transition?
  • Does gas still have a place as a “transition fuel”, and if so, what does this mean for new build gas generation?
  • What market signals or policy incentives need to exist for new gas generation to be built?
  • How is domestic gas price uncertainty impacting gas’ role in energy generation?

Panel Moderator:

Matthew Warren
Australian Financial Review


Oliver Nunn
Senior Economist

David Leitch
ITK Services Australia

Andrew Garnett
UQ Centre for Natural Gas

Ben Wilson
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Gas Infrastructure Group

Afternoon tea

If we don’t use it we lose it – a large users’ perspective 

The east coast gas crisis in a gas-rich Australia – what’s needed to create an affordable market for business, consumers and communities

Jeanne Johns
Chief Executive Officer
Incitec Pivot

Panel Discussion
Improving outcomes for the broader economy – ensuring gas can deliver for manufacturing and workers

Gas plays a critical role in the Australian economy; as an important feedstock, as an energy source, as a creator of jobs and more. Today’s market dynamics are incredibly challenging for those towards the end of the value chain, particularly large users.

This panel discussion will explore some of the impacts the market is having on the broader economy and explore realistic solutions.

Panel Moderator:

Lisa France
Former Global Head of Corporate Affairs



Stephen Bell
Chief Executive Officer

Nick Kamper
National Economist
The Australian Workers Union

Andrew Richards
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA)

Improving communication to ensure a social license to operate

Sarah Browne
Director – Communications
Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA)

LNG imports – a new paradigm for East Coast gas markets?  

Panel Discussion
LNG import terminals – will they be built on the East Coast and how will they transform the market?
  • What are the hurdles that still need to be overcome before there are LNG import terminals on the East Coast?
  • How many terminals could be built and where?
  • Understanding the implications of being fully linked to international markets for the East Coast

Panel Moderator:

Lisa France
Former Global Head of Corporate Affairs


Kylie Hargreaves
Government and Stakeholder Relations
Australian Industrial Energy

Steve Davies
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA)

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Conference Day Two