Advisory Board

Quest Events would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the official event advisory panel who contributed their valuable time and expertise to ensure the agenda for this event is timely and relevant for all stakeholders working in the gas and energy sector.


  • Paul Balfe
    Director , Acil Allen Consulting

    Paul is Executive Director of the Acil Allen Brisbane office and leads the firm’s gas practice.

    Paul has worked for 35 years in the Australian energy and resources sectors, advising government and corporate sector clients on commercial and regulatory matters relating to the coal, oil and gas industries including Coal Seam Gas (CSG), shale gas and other unconventional hydrocarbon sources, as well as alternative and renewable energies.

    Paul specialises in analysis of energy supply and demand dynamics including the application of the firm’s detailed gas market models to a wide range of commercial and industry policy issues.

    Prior to joining the company in 1995, Paul held a number of senior executive positions in the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy. Paul was educated at the University of Queensland. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours Geology & Mineralogy) and a Master of Business Administration.

  • Simon Camroux
    Head of Regulation, Ausgrid

    Since commencing work as an energy market regulatory analyst at Macquarie Generation almost 15 years ago, Simon has worked across the energy supply chain, from generation to retail and across a range of issues, from economic regulation to environmental sustainability.

    In 2002, Simon was a member of the Parer Energy Market Review Secretariat where he led the development of the Review’s recommendation to implement an emissions trading scheme domestically.

    More recently, Simon wrote the Energy Sections of the Victorian Government Climate Change Green and White Paper’s and was the Victorian Government representative on the Commonwealth Government’s National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Target Working Groups.

    Simon also attended the COP15 Climate Change Conference (Copenhagen) on behalf of the Victorian Government.

  • Ian Cronshaw
    Consultant to the Office of the Chief Economist, International Energy Agency
  • Andrew Garnett
    Director, Centre for Coal Seam Gas and the UQCCS Program, The University of Queensland

    Andrew Garnett is Professor and Director of the UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas (as well as Director of the UQ CCS Program).  The Centre for CSG includes all the main CSG-LNG project proponents and aims to be a leading provider of technical and social science research services in this unconventional sector.

    A former Shell and Schlumberger executive, Andrew has over 25 years’ world-wide experience with oil majors in conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon exploration, appraisal and development projects. 

    Prior to joining The University of Queensland, Andrew consulted widely on unconventional developments, most notably those with high GHG emissions footprints, and worked on the 500MW, 60 MT ZeroGen IGCC & CCS Project, as manager for Carbon Transport and Storage and ultimately as CEO and Project Director.

  • Kristin Raman
    Head of Strategy and Innovation, AGIG

    Kristin Raman is Head of Strategy and Innovation at Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG).

    AGIG is one of Australia’s largest gas infrastructure businesses, owning approximately 34,000 kilometres of natural gas distribution networks and 3,500 kilometres of transmission pipelines and serving around 1.9 million consumers in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.
    At AGIG, Krissy is responsible for setting business strategy, with a focus on developing and implementing the long term vision for natural gas. This includes managing public policy and innovation projects, including our current hydrogen pilot plant. Krissy also leads the broader stakeholder engagement program across the business. 
    Krissy has 10 years of energy industry experience, including over three years with AGIG and, prior to that, with the Australian Energy Market Operator.

    Krissy has Bachelors Degrees in Chemical Engineering (honours) and Finance from the University of Adelaide.