Pre-conference Masterclasses: Monday, 25 March

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You can attend ADGO main conference in-person or virtually, though the pre-conference masterclass sessions and renewable gases day are in-person only.

Make the most from your time out of the office.

Registration and morning coffee is at 08:30 and the sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

Masterclass A: Ethical sustainability reporting - ensuring transparency and compliance, backed by responsible action

This masterclass is tailored for individuals seeking accurate methods to report their organisation's sustainability initiatives while maintaining ethical integrity, backed by meaningful action. Responsible corporate entities aim to showcase their efforts in reducing or eradicating carbon emissions. However, scrutiny from activists, regulatory bodies, and legal authorities demands precise handling of net zero assertions to prevent misinterpretation or legal repercussions. Participants will gain expertise in striking a balance between preserving environmental achievements and employing language that avoids unwanted legal scrutiny.

This program is specifically designed for board members, C-suite executives, and in-house legal teams in high-emission industries, such as the gas sector, equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate net zero commitments and emission-related statements, ensuring compliance and credibility in their environmental endeavours.

08:30 Registration and coffee

09:00 Ensuring the accuracy and defensibility of sustainability statements

  • How to stop promising stuff you can't deliver and start talking about what you ARE doing
  • Avoiding deceptive and misleading conduct in sustainability reporting
  • Strategies to align promises with responsible action

10:30 Morning tea

11:00 Large-scale generation certificates and carbon tracking

  • Understanding the court's perspective on ACCUs (Australian Carbon Credit Units) and PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements)
  • The role of LGCs (Large-scale Generation Certificates) in sustainability reporting
  • Identifying risky positions and statements – international and domestic case studies

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Assessing a pathway to net zero - the expert opinion perspective

  • Defining a 'reasonable' pathway to achieving net-zero emissions
  • Legal and regulatory requirements for transitioning to net-zero emissions
  • Incorporating sustainability goals into a realistic and achievable plan

15:00 Afternoon tea

15:30 Countering reputational risks

  • Aligning procurement and sustainability departments to develop a unified and realistic sustainability plan
  • Legal definitions and implications of "Net Zero" in sustainability reporting
  • Strategies to address activists and investor advocates aiming for reputational damage through sustainability claims

17:00 Concludes

Nicholas Brischetto

Masterclass B: Detailed gas market analysis: Price trends, electrification, supply demand balance, decarbonisation and LNG imports

Detailed and up-to-date overview of the gas industry developments in Australia, including natural gas supplies, regulatory changes, emission targets, LNG imports, hydrogen and renewable gas developments - and what all this is likely to mean for business and residential consumers.

The session is designed for all professionals in the gas industry whose organisation will be impacted by movements in gas prices, gas use, investment in gas supply and infrastructure or who need to understand more about the future of the energy industry in Australia and policy decisions.

During the session you will:

  • Consider business and residential gas price scenarios, demand/consumption changes, and the impacts on business and residential gas users
  • Examine new gas supply options and supply constraints
  • Look at the potential impacts of LNG regasification projects and the fight for east coast market share in a what may well become a high-risk market
  • Get a detailed overview of hydrogen and renewable gas developments and opportunities
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the potential roles for gas in Australia in these rapidly changing scenarios and how these may eventuate
  • Examine the potential role for gas and in particular hydrogen and renewable gases in power generation as intermittent renewable power generation bites


Jim Snow
Adjunct Professor | Executive Director
University of Queensland Energy Initiative | Oakley Greenwood

Angus Rich
Principal Consultant
Oakley Greenwood

Bill Williams
Principal Consultant
Oakley Greenwood

Matt Currie
Principal Consultant
Oakley Greenwood

Rohan Harris
Executive Director
Oakley Greenwood